Considerations For Studying Japanese: Is It As Hard As People Say?

Written by Mo Stone There are a lot of excellent reasons to study a new language. Many language learners choose to study Japanese because they have grown up enjoying Japanese media such as anime, manga, or video games, and want to gain a further appreciation for the culture. In addition, Japanese can be a smartContinue reading “Considerations For Studying Japanese: Is It As Hard As People Say?”

More Than Just Language: Essential Skills For Translators

Written by Mo Stone For a career in the translation industry, it’s obvious that you need to possess good language skills and have a high competency in your target language. But what other skills should you have for a successful career in this competitive and in-demand field? Read on for our list of essential skillsContinue reading “More Than Just Language: Essential Skills For Translators”

Translation vs. Interpretation: What’s The Difference?

Written by Mo Stone Within the translation industry, you will hear both the terms “translation” and “interpretation” used. While both of these have to do with deciphering languages from one into another, the work of a translator and the work of an interpreter are very different. Read on to hear more about these roles, andContinue reading “Translation vs. Interpretation: What’s The Difference?”

Valentine’s Day Special: Expressing Love Around The World

As February 14th draws nearer, many people are getting ready to express their love through gifts, flowers, and taking their love interest out for a special date. But while Valentine’s Day has grown in popularity internationally, there are many cultures who celebrate this holiday differently, or have their own unique festival days for showing love.Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Special: Expressing Love Around The World”

Health Tips For Translators

Written by Mo Stone It’s midnight, and you’ve just finished a translation job in order to get it back to your client before a tight deadline. You know your health will suffer from staying up so late, and since you’re a freelancer, you also know you can’t afford to get sick. How can you stayContinue reading “Health Tips For Translators”

Translating Idioms And Colloquialisms: Tips For Translators

Written by Mo Stone You’re hard at work translating a text, when all of a sudden you run across an idiom. Most translators agree that colloquialisms and cultural sayings are one of the hardest parts of the job, as they don’t always translate easily from one language or culture to the next. What do youContinue reading “Translating Idioms And Colloquialisms: Tips For Translators”

How To Break Into The Translation Industry

Written by Mo Stone Translation is a huge industry that has shown a tremendous amount of growth in the last ten years, and will continue to do so as the internet, technology and connectivity make it easier than ever to communicate across borders. As such, there is a lot of opportunity for translators, depending onContinue reading “How To Break Into The Translation Industry”

Chinese New Year: What It Is And How To Celebrate

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, and Spring Festival are all different names used to refer to one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, which begins on the first new moon of the lunar calendar and ends 15 days later, on the first full moon of the lunar calendar. Since this calendarContinue reading “Chinese New Year: What It Is And How To Celebrate”

Winter in Japan: Festive Occasions All Season Long

Written by Mo Stone Although Japan may be best known for it’s spring and autumn, there’s still plenty to see in the winter. The weather in many of the bigger cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto remains mild enough for sightseeing, and the snowfall in regions like Hokkaido and the Japan Alps bring many skiersContinue reading “Winter in Japan: Festive Occasions All Season Long”

Will Machine Translation Replace Human Translation?

Written by Mo Stone As our world becomes ever more global and the bridges between people shrink, there is a greater need than ever for good, accurate translations. But just as technology has been the cause of this increase in need, it has also been the solution, as seen in the case of machine translation.Continue reading “Will Machine Translation Replace Human Translation?”