Happening Now: Melanated Game Kitchen Classic Collards Jam 

Interested in gaming? Cooking? Culture? The Melanated Game Kitchen combines these three passions with their Culture Bytes game jam series, the newest of which kicked off on March 6th. 

A collective of game creators, Melanated Game Kitchen focuses on creating unique interactive experiences relevant to themes of the African Diaspora. Held over a two-week period, the Culture Bytes game jams provide game creators of all experience levels the time and opportunity to develop a finished product and also to grow and learn about game development. 

True to their name, Melanated Game Kitchen’s Culture Bytes jams center around food that is significant to the African Diaspora, with a look at collard greens in this latest series. Central to the jams is the theme of legacy. What does it mean to be part of a legacy? What does it mean to give a legacy? 

The Classic Collards Jam kicked off on March 6th and will run until March 20th. During that time, game creators will be able to work together with two co-working sessions per week as well as learning from skill mentors. Budding game creators can join the jam via Melantated Game Kitchen’s page on itch.io. Discussions will also be held on Discord and through livestreams on Youtube

We at Borderless Translations can’t wait to see what exciting games creators will cook up in this jam. Click on the above links to join in, and let’s get cooking!