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Offering you a world without Borders – Borderless Translations

Company Profile

Borderless Translations was founded by McIsiah (Mac) Kendema, Former IT consultant for Turnberry Solutions, former Square Enix Community Manager, and Current Owner and JP-EN Translation lead for Borderless Translations, in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Company Description

“I wanted a company that could address the needs of all communities while taking down the barriers that cause “lost in translation syndrome”, Mac Kendema. 

Both a multilingual linguistic agency and video production dedicated partner, Borderless Translations operates a wide network of professional linguistic experts around the world.

Our dream teams provide high-quality translation, localization, proofreading and consultation services in English, Japanese, Spanish and more.

Mission Statement

A world without borders – one translation at a time. Borderless Translations is a translation company that prides itself on delivering high-quality and culturally accurate translation services anywhere in the world.

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CEO and Japanese-English Translation Lead

A community leader who is passionate about youth development and education. Supports several non-profit organizations both here and abroad including Japan and Liberia.

He is the Executive Director of BC Initiatives a non-profit organization that is community run that enriches and supports the Brooklyn Center Community and its neighbors. Our Mission is to enrich the Brooklyn Center ecosystem by utilizing the career and life experiences of our alumni and community network.

Former IT consultant for Turnberry Solutions Solutions based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Allianz Life, and Cargill supporting large-scale IT operations.

Former Square Enix Community Manager managing all social media campaigns for the mobile game Bravely Archive, and worked with Japanese game developers and fans to become the voice for the overseas fanbase.

Has deep working knowledge of working with companies both in Japan and America. Bilingual in both Japanese and English.

Enjoys writing for video games, movies and tv shows in his free time. Also, an avid video game player, movie watcher and listens and dances to Blues music.

McIsiah (Mac) Kendema

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