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Law and Judgement


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Our creatives at Borderless Studios enjoy collaborating and working with our community partners. This includes researching and bringing to life figures from historically marginalized communities.

In a World with No Law…

You are the only authority that can pass judgement within the new frontier. Project Reeves is a dramatic historical retelling of a western legend. A world where nothing is cut and dry. Only those with power can determine what justice is…

…and is not.

Play as Bass Reeves, the “Real Lone Ranger”, in this historically-based third person detective shooter.

  • Hunt down outlaws in the old wild west
  • Infiltrate hideouts (saloons, towns, parlors, etc) using disguises and navigating dialogue challenges to gain intel.
  • Collaborate with the Indigenous people during your missions. 
  • Engage in gunfights, standoffs, and of course a train chase on horseback in this western game about the most successful law man in the old west.

World Synopsis

After the Civil War, the Wild West finds itself in the throes of reform. Political turmoil and territorial disputes has stirred civil unrest, and this frontier has yet to be tamed by the rugged hand of the law. Crime is at an all-time high, and the US Marshals are desperate for a few good men.

There is no better man than the legendary Bass Reeves. A skilled scout and champion marksman, he is quickly inducted into he ranks of the marshals. Armed with years of experience, cunning instincts, and his tools of the trade, Reeves rides off into the reckless West to complete his missions. Nothing stands between him and his target. Reeves always gets his man.

Why Bass Reeves?

We felt that Bass Reeves deserved to have his story through the player experiencing how he became the legend he is.  His way of respecting the land, planning his approach to catching outlaws, and how he worked as a Marshall for 20+ years, making over 3,000 arrests whiling only killing 14 people in the chaotic times of the Wild West.  

Bass Reeves was an American hero and has a remarkable tale in the history of the wild west.  Experience some of his story. 

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